dimanche 20 janvier 2013


The BLACK OATH Mlp is OUT now !
It contains the BLACK OATH debut MCD + exclusive bonus live track with Ustumallagam (DENIAL OF GOD)

Available through:

 Horror Records (den)
Iron Bonehead (ger)
Chalice of Blood Angel (fra)
Filthy Cave Records (spain)
Me Saco un Ojo (uk)
New Era Production (Nl)
Psychedoomelic (austria)
I Hate Records (swe)
Deadbangers (den)
Forgotten Wisdom (fra)
Terror From Hell (ita)
High Roller (ger)
Jolly Roger (ita)
Heavy Merch (ger)
Emanes Metal (fra)
Iron Tyrant (ita)

mardi 1 janvier 2013


the Lp version of the first BLACK OATH Mcd will be out on January 15. Limited to 300.
It will contain a bonus live track. More info soon...

mardi 19 juin 2012

The RITUAL TEMPLE demotape "Revelation of Evil" is now OUT!

magisterdixit333 [at] gmail [dot] com

mardi 8 mai 2012

IMPORTANT NEWS concerning the RITUAL TEMPLE demo tape: we have to deal with some technical problems as we received 300 tapes with shitty sound quality... we are now waiting for a response from the factory... more information soon....

Don't forget to check out this great DOOM act from Brittany, France

mardi 10 avril 2012


- The RITUAL TEMPLE tape will be out within two weeks. Sorry for the delay.

- I am proud to announce that MAGISTER DIXIT will release a vinyl version of the BLACK OATH first EP. It will be out at the end of this summer and it will contain a bonus track. More infos coming soon....

samedi 4 février 2012